California Rye Whiskey

California Rye Whiskey

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BRONZE MEDAL 2020 American Distilling Institute - Craft Spirit Awards
SILVER MEDAL 2019 Sunset Magazine International Spirits Competition

When the supplies of sugar cane and molasses from the West Indies dried up during the American Revolution, colonials created a distinctly American spirit for their new nation -- rye whiskey. We honor those early entrepreneurs with our bold and unfettered rye. Start a revolution of your own with our California Rye Whiskey.

Now on the second bottling of our award winning California Rye Whiskey, this small batch release has been skillfully blended from three select barrels into a cask strength (100.6 proof) masterpiece that is sure to delight even the most discerning whiskey aficionado. Smooth and complex, bringing notes of orange chocolate, black tea, toasted marshmallow, and lemon bars to your glass along with a big rye finish.


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