White Mountain Rum

White Mountain Rum

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Legend says that gold miners set aside half of their molasses stores for making rum. We pay homage to that tradition by using the finest Caribbean molasses and pure mountain water in our White Mountain Rum, then finishing it in California wine and port barrels. Its the perfect libation after a long day of panning for gold - in the mountains or in the office.

Here at Devils Creek, we make whiskey! But wait you say, why am I looking at a rum from a whiskey distillery? Well because as whiskey drinkers, we love this rum! White Mountain Rum started as a pet project of our head distiller, who decided to craft a rum that he treated like a whiskey. Aged in our used bourbon and rye whiskey barrels, then finished in used Zinfandel barrels from Williams Selyem of Healdsburg, CA before being bottled at cask strength (94.8 proof). We've added no spices or caramel to White Mountain Rum, so it is quite delicate on the palate and makes a wonderful sipping rum thanks to careful distillation and complexity from aging in different barrels types. Time in high quality wine barrels have given it a delightfully fruity nose, while the used whiskey barrels add a hint of vanilla on top of traditionally Caribbean licorice undertones.


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