Proof Syrup 4oz

Proof Syrup 4oz


$17.99 Quantity  


Proof syrup makes delicious cocktails in seconds.  These small bottles are super-portable, for cocktail hours away from home. Each bottle makes 8 of those perfect cocktails.

Black Walnut
Some of us love it in our Old Fashioneds because it’s nutty-sweet in a way that reminds us of dark chocolate, glazed doughnuts, and vanilla extract.

Maple Bacon
Rich and smoky-sweet, Maple Bacon Proof Syrup makes a fantastic Old Fashioned — which you probably expected, right? Maple + bourbon seems like a winning combo, and it absolutely is. The smokiness in Maple Bacon complements both the peppery crispness of rye plus it's a great excuse for a bacon garnish.

Orange Proof Syrup, which takes the orangey bits of the classic Old Fashioned and kicks them up a few notches with real orange bitters and proprietary Proof Syrup magic. It’s new, familiar, and insanely good at the same time.

A little nutty, a little sweet, Pecan Proof Syrup makes a perfect Old Fashioned. We take a whole mess of freshly roasted Georgia pecans and blend them into the bitters to create this irresistible syrup.

If you're new to Proof Syrup and looking for a flavor to start with, we recommend this one. Made from organic cane sugar, real citrus oils, and the best aromatic bitters in the world, this syrup isn't a substitute for the "real" ingredients — it IS the real ingredients. Craft bartenders created Proof Syrup at a bar in Decatur, Georgia to take the time and hassle out of mixing the perfect Old Fashioned. Add your favorite aged spirit and you've got everything you need in one quick, easy pour. Any time, anywhere, every single time.


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