Adventure Series - RELEASE 5 - Winter 2023

Adventure Series - RELEASE 5 - Winter 2023


$80.00 Quantity  


ad·ven·ture | \ ad-'ven-char \ noun 
an exciting or remarkable experience

Adventure with us as we explore the boundaries of craft spirits. Our Adventure Series satisfies the thrill of doing something out of the ordinary and will only be available at the distillery as limited releases.

This release is the follow up to our first adventure in which we teamed up with our friends at Mammoth Brewing Company to combine the mash bills and process of our high corn bourbon with their bourbon barrel aged Lair of the Bear. 

After four years in a new charred oak barrel, it was then finished in a port barrel. A bold and balanced profile of sweet oak and dark roasted malt awaits those adventurous enough to seek out one of the 226 bottles available of this limited release.

A Taste of Adventure

Barrel Proof - Unfiltered - 53% ABV - Single Barrel - 226 Bottles


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